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A Senior’s Guide to Telehealth

Telehealth has grown almost sevenfold since COVID-19 began to spread. While virtual doctor visits and remote monitoring devices could make medical care more convenient and accessible for any patient, seniors may have the most to gain. In March 2020, Medicare temporarily expanded coverage of telehealth services for most beneficiaries for office visits, preventive health screenings,…
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maryland medical bills

Several Strategies to Lower Your Medical Bills

With health care costs rising, it’s natural that more people want to lower their medical spending. According to Consumer Reports, only 31% of Americans try to negotiate the price of medical bills, but those who do usually succeed in saving big money. These are some methods that will help. Understanding Medical Charges and DiscountsBecome familiar…
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9 Important Medicare Mistakes to Avoid

Medicare is complicated. This is the major criticism against it. Many Medicare mistakes occur on a regular basis. Avoiding these mistakes ensures that you’ll have far fewer challenges in getting the care you require. If you haven’t enrolled in Medicare yet, you’ll be well ahead of the game by keeping these mistakes in mind. Prevention…
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The Benefits Of Having Universal Life Insurance in Maryland

What is Universal Life Insurance? “Universal” is the term used for life insurance that offers built in flexibility to change your premiums and the amount of life insurance you carry throughout the life of the policy. A universal life insurance policy will accumulate value as the premiums are placed in an interest building account. If…
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