Life Insurance for Maryland & Virginia Residents Over 60 Years Old

Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors Living on a Budget

Final expense insurance, or burial insurance, is typically a form of whole life insurance having face values of $10,000-$40,000. This is the type of life insurance most folks over 60 purchase due to its affordability.

Ultimately, most seniors get this coverage to pay for the cost of funeral and burial services. However, unlike preneed or prepaid funeral packages, final expense insurance can also help cover outstanding debts, other remaining expenses, and anything left over can go to a beneficiary to assist them through a tough time.

This type of life insurance also allows you to choose your beneficiary, unlike prepaid funeral packages.

While a prepaid burial plan usually is payable to the funeral home, a final expense payout goes straight to the beneficiary you choose. Depending on your coverage needs, it can last for the duration of a specified term or until the whole life policy ends at age 100.

SSA Death Benefit

If you’re on social media, you may see those posts in your newsfeed mentioning “new state regulated benefits”. Benefits that make it sound like there is some new death benefit that is new and potentially free. Sadly, there’s not anything like that. The federal Social Security death benefit is still just $255.

What you’re seeing in those Facebook posts are just ads for final expense insurance. This insurance is budget friendly, usually used by seniors on fixed incomes or those individuals with some health issues. It’s usually a necessary thing for seniors to have, but it is not free.

People Over 60 Should Have a Life Insurance Policy

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The great thing that we offer is access to dozens of insurance carriers, not just one company. Many of our clients that purchase final expense insurance are seniors that are on a fixed income. We match an insurance product to our clients individual needs. This means our clients get the best coverage at a fair premium.

Pretty much no matter what health issues an individual may have had or still presently has, we can typically find one of our contracted insurance companies to insure. I am a licensed insurance agent serving Maryland and Virginia.

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