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What This Opportunity is All About

CTFO offers people in over twenty countries the opportunity to start their own CBD distribution business, which includes their CBDA rich products.

There are multiple ways to get paid very well and the entry level associate option is free to join, no credit card info is required. Even the free associate account will be provided with an awesome sales and recruitment website for no charge!

Follow the steps below for the best chance at success! I’ll be sharing my twenty plus years of marketing know-how with those who join team saverse.

Where & How to Begin

Simply follow this checklist! We don’t want to hide anything, your success is our success! If any questions come up, just shoot us an email. Set aside some time to review all of this and claim your spot.
1. Create your free wholesale CBD account with CTFO under the Saverse sponsorship (if you haven’t done so already).

2. Watch the four videos below and learn about the products, business and the multiple ways to create income.
What is so special about 10x Pure
Opportunity Overview
Compensation Plan
Business Builder Packs

3. Create your marketing and prospect management account with our third party provider which is not affiliated with CTFO. This service is free for 30 days, then monthly billing, cancel at any time, this gives you an entire month to see if this opportunity is for you. Creating your account under this link will add you to the Saverse group where you’ll have access to marketing content including landing pages, email scripts, video conferencing, toll free numbers, sales leads, ongoing training and a ton more. Make sure that you select a ‘Professional’ account so that we can share our content! This is the bread and butter of what will give you the BEST opportunity to make this CBD venture very successful.

4. Try the CTFO products. Once your free CTFO account is created, wholesale CBD products can be purchased from your backend website. CTFO’s products are what truly separates them from the competition. Please note, in order to qualify for residual matrix pay (which is what you want!), you’ll need to purchase at least a minimum of roughly $48 in products monthly. I’d recommend activating auto-ship and get the 10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000 shipped to you each month, the stuff is amazing. You don’t want to miss out on your downline commissions. If you want to purchase more, by all means, go for it. CTFO products are so solid that they offer a 60-day empty bottle, money back guarantee and they have a ridiculously low return rate.

5. Build a 3rd party website (on your own domain). Yes, the CTFO opportunity does provide you with a free ecommerce and recruiting website, but a 3rd party website will be incredibly helpful for sales, communication, recruitment and for analytical purposes. As an example, is my 3rd party website.

A great tool for building websites, registering domain names and to learn about internet marketing in general is WA, be sure to give them a look. Wix is also a great tool to build websites. They offer a ton of templates to pick from.

6. Best Bang for the Buck: Purchase a business builder pack from your CTFO backend website. These packs give you the biggest discounts on products and can give you the best profit. We recommend the Platinum Pack 3 for the largest return on the investment if you plan on selling in person.

7. You could optionally create a Facebook or Instagram page for your CTFO business to promote on social media.

8. Once all these things are in place, start promoting the custom landing page that we provided access to in your marketing and prospect management account that was created in step three, start collecting leads and follow-up with people. It’s really this simple guys!


Another great way to promote the product would be with your own personal testimonial and how the CTFO CBD products have helped you (or customer testimonials). Take a chance and put yourself “out there”. Share with the general public on YouTube or keep it with friends and family on social media. There are countless ways to promote, you’re the boss of this and can decide what works for you.


9. Questions? Simply contact us! We’d love to help.