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As an agency, we work with the best term life insurance companies to ensure that our customers find the best, most affordable coverage for their needs! We offer term life insurance plans with no medical exam required! We take care of everything right over the phone!

In most cases, no medical exam is required, and premiums will not increase over time. Some policies will offer a return of premium option, meaning, you’ll get back the all or a portion of the money spent on premiums at the end of the term!

Term life insurance is usually the best bet for those seeking a more affordable policy. This insurance provides coverage for a certain term (typically between 10 and 30 years). During this term, the premium doesn’t increase the way car insurance may increase, which means you can get the policy when you are relatively young and healthy and then lock in a competitive rate for the next three decades.

The life insurance quotes are based on the health class you have selected. Final rates are always subject to underwriting approval by the insurance company. There are many factors involved in the final approval price, such as (but not limited to) age, medical and health history. This price quoter is for demonstration purposes and is not an official price quote, a licensed insurance agent will need to speak with you on the phone to get a policy in force.